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About Us


Our mission is to promote, facilitate and strengthen with high quality the English learning process as a foreign language, according to the needs and interests of the Universities and the local, regional, national and international environment.


To position ourselves in the year 2024 as a regional universities network, consolidated and autonomous which transcends the bilingual environment throughout academic and cultural events to contribute and strengthen the English learning and teaching processes.

Our Main Objective:
To strengthen the English teaching, learning and evaluation processes

“Another life is lived for each language that is spoken. If you only know one language, you only live once!”

  • To exchange knowledge and experiences related to the English learning and teaching processes.
  • To encourage cooperation among the universities that are part of the network in order to create events and activities which strengthen the English teaching and learning processes.
  • To promote the inter institutional research in order to inquire about the English teaching and learning processes.
  • To establish alliances with the Binational Centers in order to promote the third languages teaching and learning processes throughout cultural and academic events and activities.

Our Events and Capacitations

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